Module: Multmedia Project Development by Brennan Tighe

Code: MWD3004

20 credits at level HE6

Description and Purpose of Module

To research and analyse the requirements of all parties involved in a multimedia project
To identify and define the key requirements of a specific multimedia project
To understand the key processes involved in the delivery of a successful digital media project lifecycle
To create a realistic project brief and plan

Indicative Syllabus Content

Project Analysis
User analysis, Competitor identification and analysis, requirements analysis, audience identification, demographic research, user surveys, target audience identification, web/marketing strategy

Project Definition
Service definition, Requirements prioritising, definition of key requirements, Creative brief creation, Project specification, deliverable definition, Client and user feedback integration

Design and prototyping
Navigational models, textual styling, Prototyping role in the production process, prototype lab preparation, set up, surveying and analysis

Digital media production
Process control, Core production process, Analysis, definition, planning, design, prototyping, implementation, Quality assurance, pre-launch process, User acceptance testing, Project Planning, Milestones, deliverable definition, release management, soft launching, post launch maintenance, post-production management

Project Control
Sign off procedures, change management, scope creep, handover methods

Learning, Teaching and Assessment

The module will be taught using a mixture of lectures, visual aids, internet access, demonstrations, practical work and case studies of multimedia applications.

Approximately 35% of the module time will be allocated to the identification and utilisation of currently available design systems for the specification and generation of audio and visual material, 25% to the evaluation of appropriate multimedia development techniques, technologies and delivery systems and 40% to the analysis and application of suitable methodologies for the production and presentation of integrated multimedia material.

A typical assignment would be the analysis, design, specification and implementation of a prototype internet based distance learning application.

Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria

  Learning Outcomes
when you have successfully completed this module you will:
Assessment Criteria
to demonstrate that you have achieved the learning outcome you will:
1. Demonstrate and apply an understanding of the entire multimedia project process Plan a project using the key processes involved in the production of a multimedia project
2. Identify appropriate multimedia production techniques, technologies and delivery systems and apply to the presentation of multimedia material Differentiate between different multimedia design models and provide an objective assessment of their respective characteristics

Research, identify and utilise suitable multimedia techniques and technologies to produce multimedia material to an agreed specification
3. Research, analyse and specify the requirements for a project

Analyse requirements for all parties affected by a multimedia production and define an appropriate design solution to meet the specified requirements

Research and identify suitable tools for a given requirement within a multimedia design methodology

Utilise appropriate tools to provide a design solution commensurate with a given specification
4. Demonstrate competence in the planning and application of appropriate multimedia design techniques and technologies for a given project Investigate and acquire relevant information on multimedia techniques and technologies

Define an appropriate solution for a given multimedia application

Utilise multimedia design software for the initial production and integration of multimedia material

Define and apply the professional issues involved in the production and distribution of multimedia material
5. Organise, manage and report on a development project

Construct an appropriate project plan

Discuss project requirements and communicate design ideas and concepts effectively

Maintain a good working relationship with the client throughout a project
6. Understand both the effect of internal and external parties on a project and methods of dealing with them Successfully complete a project and accompanying report to specification and on time


Your achievement of the learning outcomes for this module will be tested as follows:

DescriptionMultimedia design assigmentEnd of semester written examination
%age 5050
Final Assessment
Learning Outcomes1,2,3,4,5,62,3,4

Prerequisite Module(s)

Before taking this module you must have successfully completed the following:

Barred Combinations

No restrictions apply.

Indicative Reading

Goto, Kelly & Cotler, Emily (30 September, 2001) Web Redesign Workflow That Works
New Riders; ISBN: 0735710627 and accompanying site

Friedlein, Ashley (30 October, 2000) Web Site Project Management Morgan Kaufmann; ISBN: 1558606785

Burdman, Jessica (30 September, 1999) Collaborative Web Development: Strategies and Best Practices for Web Teams (book and CD ROM), Addison Wesley; ISBN: 0201433311

Gilbert, Shayne (November 2000) 90 Days to Launch : Internet Projects on Time and on Budget John Wiley & Sons; ISBN: 0471388262

Macromedia - Web Site Production Management Techniques

IBM Web Design GuidelinesóDesign Phase

Web site quality

Jakob Nielsen's Usability Website

Module Type: STAN
Module Length: 1
Host Subject Group: Creative Technologies
Version Number:: 0.1

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